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OpenHack April - April 9th, 7PM

Let’s write some code together at OpenHack April!

April 9th, 7PM. Capital Factory: 701 Brazos, 16th floor (downtown).

As usual, we’ll start off with a quick round of introductions (tell us who you are, what you do, and what you want to work on or what you’d want to pair on) and we’ll get to work on our projects.

OpenHack is a great chance to meet other developers and expand your professional network, as well as make some friends. I’d also like to encourage everyone to seek each others’ advice on engineering issues to see if you can find a better way to accomplish your goals.

Come on out, make some new friends, and have a good time!

RSVP at (totally optional, you can just show up if you want.)

Mailing List, Twitter

Please follow us on Twitter and/or subscribe to the mailing list for announcements and updates. We’ll also generally try to keep this page updated at all times.

Other, similar options

If you’re looking for other options (maybe certain days don’t work for you), there’s Cafe Bedouins. They generally meet every Tuesday at a coffee shop or other similar location at 7PM. It’s not as structured as above, but it’s another option for you to get in on as well.


We’re interested in a diversity of sponsors. If your company is interested in sponsoring OpenHack, please let us know via Twitter or the mailing list, or in person at a meeting.

Our first several meetings have been sponsored by the fine folks at Engine Yard and GitHub.

Engine Yard is a Platform as a Service vendor currently supporting PHP, Ruby and Node.js applications. Forget your devops and just hand them the code, and they’ve got it from there. However you can still exercise a huge amount of control and customization should you want it.

Most of the open source community is already familiar with GitHub; they are the world’s leading git source repository host. Account signups are very simple, tools for bug and feature tracking exist, and it works great for teams. Push your git repository to GitHub and manage your project easily.

If you’d like more information about either sponsor, please see J. Austin Hughey.

We’re interested in other sponsors, too.

If your company would like to sponsor OpenHack Austin, please let us know. We’d like to run different sponsors at different meetings, preferrably where each sponsor compliments the other in some way and is of course useful to those who attend OpenHack. So if you’re interested in sponsorship, please let me (J. Austin Hughey) know (give me a shout on Twitter or something). Sponsorship just consists of pizza and sodas (no alcohol) for the group, and we make your “swag” available to people who attend.

We want feedback

OpenHack is about the hacker/developer community. This group exists to give you a repeated/predictable opportunity to get out and among your peers, hack on a project, develop connections with people, and have fun while being productive. So if you have ideas on how we can further that goal, or have ideas on our proposed format, either tweet the organizers, J. Austin Hughey @jaustinhughey and Damon Clinkscales @damon, or post a message to the above mailing list.