Brussels, Belgium


OpenHack Brussels is co-organized by Yannick Schutz @yann_ck and Marc Lainez @mlainez, with the help of Betagroup and Betacowork.

If you have any question, please follow us on twitter @openhackBRU.

Next meetups

Next event will be on 17 November! The second edition was a succes! Thanks to all attendees

We plan to organize one meetup per month.

###The format

You can hack on anything you want. Open source, closed source. Work. Play. Any skill level on anything on any project, it’s all good as long as you’re here to sling code.

###We want feedback

OpenHack is about the hacker/developer community.

This group exists to give you a repeated/predictable opportunity to get out and among your peers, hack on a project, develop connections with people, and have fun while being productive.

So if you have ideas on how we can further that goal, or have ideas on our proposed format, tweet the organizers or the twitter account.