Calgary, AB

Downtown Calgary

About OpenHack

OpenHack is a meetup with a simple purpose: Coders getting together and coding.

The Basics

  • You can hack on anything! Any language, framework, public/open-source, personal, etc.
  • You don’t have to have an idea to hack on! You’re more than welcome to come just to pair with someone.
  • Starts off with a quick round of introductions (every night!), to say who you are, what you’re working on, and if you’d like help with your idea.


Meetups will be held at AcceleratorYYC, which is located in Inglewood on 9th Ave SE. Free parking is available during the evening.

OpenHackYYC is being organized by Dave Lee.

Next meetups

OpenHackYYC Meetup

The next meetup will be held Thursday August 15, starting at 5:30pm. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to the Meetup group so that the appropriate amount of hors d’oeuvres and aperitifs can be available.

Beer is sponsored by Molson.


Past meetups

  • May 23, 2013 - ~20 attendees