Green Bay

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8 of us or so get together weekly from noon to 2pm on Thursdays at the only “official” co-working space in Green Bay (that I know of), The Docking Station. 3-6 of us are there all day, every Thursday, to co-work & hack together on our own separate projects while leaning on others for questions/support.

Languages/technologies currently covered:

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • JavaScript/jQuery/Coffeescript
  • Git
  • and other related web application dev technologies

If there is enough interest we could move/extend/continue the time to accommodate more people.

Next meetups

We currently meet every Thursday (RSVP to the Meetup Group if you’d be so kind!). The official meetup group is of the Ruby persuasion, but we invite any/all coders that want to hack to join us.

Past meetups

Here’s a pic from our very first meetup with just two of us :) Chris in the photo and Jon taking it.

First meetup