Porto Alegre, Brazil

Photo of Porto Alegre


Open Hack meetings at Porto Alegre.

A place to hack, meet friends, make new friends.

A place to learn and to share knowledge.

Desired outputs: People hacking together, FUN.

Undesired outputs: Prejudice, flame wars.

Your skill level is irrelevant, your mindset to learn and share is.

How to keep yourself updated


Hack nights will be held at Nós Coworking at shopping Total, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

How it works

You participate for free. We still looking for sponsor to provide food & drink.

To prevent a “DDOS” at the venue we ask people to R.S.V.P through

The Process:

You arrive, say hi, check the projects board.

  • If there is a project that please you, move yourself to the group
  • if not, you can put your idea at the board and make a 5 min talk about it

Also we will have a board for role needs in projects.

Any question, you can check with the host team during the event.


Antonio Mello @homeless_coder

Daniel Wildt @dwildt

Felipe Cabral @felipebcabral

Josemar Luedke @josemarluedke

Miguel Grazziotin @miguelgraz

Rafael Barboza @rbarboza

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