Victoria, BC

Peacock Billiards, Victoria BC


We normally meet every Tuesday night from 6-9pm at Peacock Billiards at 1175 Douglas St however due to the current pandemic Peacock Billiards is closed, so we’re asking people to instead join the #openhack channel on they YYJ Tech Slack and hack from home. We’ll do introductions as usual at 6:15pm in that channel. We hope to be back at Peacock Billiards as soon as things are back to normal.


We do introductions at 6:15pm. Just say who you are, what you do and where you do it (if you want to), what languages/frameworks you work with, and anything else you want to share. This is so that people can find who to pair with, who ask for help with specific technologies, and who might be interested in specific topics of discussion.

After introductions hack on whatever you want! This is what OpenHack is all about. You can pair up with somebody or work alone - it’s totally up to you. Hack on anything: open-source, closed-source, work, play. All experience levels and technologies are welcome. Just don’t forget to bring a computer!

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